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Incorporated in 2002, which was established by a founder Sage Kusafusa of Cirrus Int'l Consulting based in US. He has experienced lots of international businesses and worked with governmental offices as the expert of state-of-the-art technologies over the last two decades. He has also been specialist or advisory in international entrepreneurship, so he is now involved in entrepreneur support in governmental works to expand their activities into around the world. As life after his retirement of chairman, however, corporation are downsizing and reducing the level of activities put back into writings, publishing, and researches. As of March 2019, he assumed the role of director of the research center of a General foundation, Comprehensive Research Organization for Science and Society. He and the imetrics contributes to make effective use of resources in Tsukuba region, to provide a place for researchers and engineers away from the organization, make recommendations for building a town in the 21st century, and create a new area culture. He is working on activities such as holding Research Forums, conducting information salon, and promoting Research Projects. In this Bulletin Board, the following information will be provided in order to make relevant parties widely aware of the activities.

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